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Helping people understand their journey

At CRC, we are all about winning souls for Jesus! Win the lost at any cost! Everything we do is about Sundays and every decision we make has Kingdom purpose! As Altar Workers, we are the first point of contact with the converts, who have just given their hearts to Jesus.

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What To Expect

In our dedicated venues we pray with them, speak to them, share more about what just happened to them and we receive their contact details so we can help them get planted in CRC, their spiritual family, providing them with assurance of salvation and encouraging them to get connected in a Homecell and in the Church.

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When We Serve

Altar workers serve every Sunday, as part of three services, starting our serving session by setting up the counselling room and praying for the need and counsel of the new salvations. We also serve at any special event where there is an altar call including Dreamweek Conferences, Harvest Events and Revival Weeks.

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First Point Of Contact

As the new salvations walk from the altar at the end of the service after praying the sinner’s prayer, we welcome them with open arms, cheering them on as they take the first step in their journey with Jesus.

Altar Workers

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Altar Workers

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