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Young Person, God Has Called You!

“Young person, God has called YOU! You are the future, you are the NOW! Get up and make your mark for Jesus!”- Pastor At Boshoff

Our aim is to raise up the now generation to be sold out Christians in their schools and varsities. You will be equipped not only to live a life for Jesus, but to action out the love of Jesus by being bold in your faith.

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What To Expect

The Youth and Student Department is all about equipping and empowering the youth of today to be the South Africa of tomorrow. We are the now generation. If not us, then who?

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What We Do

Partner with us to make this possible by joining one of our many and versatile sub-departments where we serve with passion and purpose as we win the lost at any cost.

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Become part of our dynamic CRC Youth & Students teams by serving in one of our amazing Sunday ministry sub-teams, or by joining a CRC Homecell!

Become A CRC Youth and Students Volunteer

Find The Perfect Team For You


If you are well organised and enjoy ticking tasks off a to do list, then this is the team for you!

Youth Band

If music and singing is your passion then we are looking for you! Join one of your three band sections today; Instrumentalists, vocalists or choir

Altar Workers

At CRC, we are all about winning souls for Jesus! Be the first point of contact for new salvations as we pray with them and explain what salvation is.


Use your skills in media, whether it is sound, lights, comms, photo and video, broadcast or graphic design

Bus Ministry

Be part of a life-changing ministry as we bus thousands of people in to Church every Sunday!

Feeding Team

We are working to eradicate poverty by 2030! Millions of people are hungry and hurting, and we are working to make a difference through our Feeding Projects


Do you enjoy speaking publicly? Are you confident on stage and in front of a camera? Do you enjoy directing and acting? Join our presenting team today!

Creative Team

If you are creative and ready to serve in a fast-paced and interactive team then this is the one for you!

Welcome Team

Become the first faces people see when they arrive at a Youth Service, making sure they feel welcomed!

Ushers & Hostesses

Our “red brigade” are at the frontline of our Sunday services! Join the Youth Service team today!


Become part of the core team who ensures everything runs smoothly and safely on a Sunday!

Not sure which team?

Complete the form and one of our CRC Youth representatives will contact you to find where your skills and passions can be used!

Youth and Students

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As Pastor At Boshoff always says, uninvolved members never reach spiritual maturity! Join the serving family today!

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