“None of this would be possible without your continued generosity! Thank you to every person who donated products, finances, time and resources to help make a difference in our world, proving that the Church truly is the answer and that South Africa is a country filled with hope and a great future!”
- Pastor At Boshoff

Pastor At Boshoff - CRC Cares
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Who We Are

Under the leadership of Pastor At Boshoff, CRC Cares continues to have a tremendous impact in our local communities, changing the lives of thousands of people!

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What We Do

CRC Cares encompasses all our community projects including our feeding projects, community upliftment, baby homes, Creches for Africa, skills development, and much, much more!

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Get Involved

Anyone can get involved whether it is through your time, talent or treasure. Complete the form at the bottom to get involved today! Let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus!

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Talitha Cumi Baby House

Talitha Cumi is a home that brings hope and healing to children, changing their lives.

Talitha Cumi House of Safety is a non-profit home with a heart for children. For the past 12-years, we have been working passionately to become a home for the homeless, providing safety for children who have been removed from the care of their families due to negative circumstances of neglect, abuse or abandonment.

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Job Readiness Workshop

It is our passionate to uplift people in our local communities through various projects like job readiness workshops, clothing drives and much more!

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Sunday Member Feeding Scheme

We support our CRC Members who are going through challenging times, joblessness or financial struggles by providing food support to those in need.

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Prison Ministry

CRC Prison Ministry is a groundbreaking project, between CRC and the South African Correctional Services. Established in 2011, Prison Ministry allows us to go into the prisons on a Sunday to stream Pastor At Boshoff’s life-changing sermons.

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Phetoho Community Centre

Phetoho Community Centre is a safe place for local children in the community.

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Skills Development

It is not enough to only feed a person, we need to provide skills and upliftment, restoring dignity on people so they can earn and income, making a difference generationally!

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Sandwich Club

We feed thousands of children across South Africa every Sunday! Join our Sandwich Club and make a difference!

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Soup Kitchen

We continue to distribute 150 000 cups of soup at 70 sites across Bloemfontein, Pretoria and Johannesburg a month!!!

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Arise Matric Dance Dresses

We help underprivileged girls who cannot afford to attend their matric dances by providing a dress, hair and make-up as well as a photographer to remember the event.

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Feeding Projects

At CRC, we have numerous feeding projects including our large-scale national feeding projects Operation CRC Cares, Sandwich Club and Sunday Member Feeding Project.

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Creches For Africa

As a Church we support numerous Creches in Bloemfontein, Pretoria and Johannesburg, providing them with support, materials and structure.

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Living Waters Farm

Living Waters Farm is a working farm where we grow fresh produce, supplying our CRC Cares feeding projects.

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CRC Back To School

Partner with CRC Kids Church and CRC Cares as we continue helping the next generation of leaders be prepared for the new and upcoming school year , by blessing them with a school bag filled with everything they need to succeed!

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Street Ministry

Answer the call! Partner with us in the fight against human trafficking, taking victims off the streets!

CRC Cares

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