2020 Review

Heaven On Earth

We kicked-off 2020 Heaven on Earth, not knowing what was to come as the world stood still and went into isolation as a result of the global Covid pandemic…But GOD! As a Church arose and answered the call, fighting for people and the freedom of Christianity! The Church is the answer! We will continue to plunder hell and populate heaven! We will be the hands and feet of Jesus, bringing heaven down to earth!

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Lockdown Box Drive

In 2020 the world experienced a global pandemic, and the President of South Africa called a state of national disaster. Without fear, filled with faith, CRC members across South Africa rallied together to feed and care for the hungry and hurting. Together, we distributed over 50 000 food parcels, each with enough groceries to support and feed a family of four for one month!

Because of your continued generosity and faithful giving, we have fed more than 250 000 people!

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Baby Drive

We distributed over 1300 baby packs all over South Africa to unemployed mothers, pregnancy crisis centres, public hospitals, children homes for abandoned and abused children and refugees!

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Food Drive

We believe the need is the call! Let’s continued to be a blessing to those who do not have, lightning the burden of poverty as we break the yoke in South Africa! We believe for a better and safer South Africa for all women and children!

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Monthly Soup Project

We are able to distribute 150 000 cups of soup at 70 sites across Bloemfontein, Pretoria and Johannesburg a month!!!

Let’s celebrate what God is busy doing! 2020 was the year of #HeavenOnEarth and we will do even more for God in 2021!

Thank you Pastors At and Nyretta Boshoff for leading the way as we continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community!

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Youth Sports Program

Because of your generosity 1889 children were blessed through our Crèches 4 Africa, Talitha Cumi place of safety and school Christmas outreaches in Bloemfontein, Pretoria and Johannesburg and during these outreaches 251 High School learners committed their lives to Christ!

“Young people are not the church of the tomorrow. They are the church of today! This revival will come through young people! Young people will turn the world upside down!” - Pastor At Boshoff

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Christmas Drive

Our #CRCCares Stuff Your Trolley Christmas Drive was a huge success! We had our first drop off on 31 October, where members brought their donations to church, and our last drop off date was on the 28th of November and we are getting ready to distribute these parcels in our communities!

Thank you to each member who partnered with us! Together we are making a big impact and difference! We can’t wait to hand out these parcels and put a smile on many people’s faces!!!

Together, we were able to bless over 1037 families with Christmas Treat bags making their Christmas extra special.

As part of our Restoration Wall campaign, we distributed over 1578 sports balls to children and families, so they can have fun this festive season.

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Winter Clothing Drive

As a church, we were able to distribute over 500 large bags of clothing and blankets to the less fortunate during winter.

We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus! 2021 will be a great year of restoration!

“It doesn’t take multitudes to make a difference,it takes an individual! You can be that individual! You can be the one God can use to break poverty! We will eradicate poverty in South Africa!” - Pastor At Boshoff

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Youth Outreaches

The CRC Youth established a sports program in Eersterust, partnering with CRC Cares and the CRC Women’s ministry to care for the youth. Sport plays a crucial role in the development of a child and many of the schools offer no sports programs. Not only do we teach them valuable skills, but it also offers us the opportunity to care for their spiritual and physical needs every week.

Our first outreach saw 45 kids and teenagers joining us as the Youth and Students hosted the outreach and taught the kids new skills through sport and physical activities like dance, soccer, rugby and netball! And at our last outreach for the year we saw over 514 kids and teenagers join us!

We also had the opportunity to bless all 514 kids with a hamburger, cake, juice, ice cream, soccer ball, school bag with stationery and a sweetie packet!!

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Bring A Ball Christmas

We had the opportunity to bless all 514 kids and teenagers with a hamburger, cake, juice, ice cream, soccer ball, school bag with stationary and a sweetie packet!!

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